Ashok Sharma
6 Books / Date of Birth:- 08/11/1965
Shri Ashok Sharma is an IAS Officer of Gujarat cadre is a Post Graduate in Dairy Technology and also in Management. He has taken taken short summer courses at the Duke’s University, USA and also at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. Shri Sharma has 4 years of academic and 27 years years Administrative experience. Although he served in various walks of Public Service such as Revenue, Law & order, Development, Education, Women & Child development, his most memorable Public Service is development of Somnath Tirthdham.As a student of science and spirituality for last three decades, he has been working on the application of scientific know-how and spiritual wisdom in human life. He is an ardent practitioner of Yog in personal and professional life. He has been sharing his experiences among academic and professional audiences and also over the mass media. He has earned two civilian honors during his journey into public service: “Chacha Award” for excellent civil services as SDM of Porbandar during 1995-98 and “Prabhas Ratna Award” by the Deputy Prime Minister of India for the key role in development of the Somnath during 2000-2008. The case study based on his achievements at Somnath is published in the "Decision" by IIM Kolkata. Literary journey Shri Sharma is author or editor of over a dozen works in Gujarati, Hindi and English. He began his literary journey in 1990 with a translation of Dr. Albert Einstein’s “Ideas and Opinions”. His talk on leadership values in Ramayana is published under “Sheeldhara”. He wrote and produced the sound light show at Somnath. His environmental play “Jay Girnar Jay Somnath”, is broadcasted as a serial radio play on Prasarbharati. He is writing weekly columns for ten years in leading Gujarati daily “Divya Bhaskar” on the Science of Yog and Spirituality. He has published several books; "krsn ni kedie", "Yog- Astitwanee Anand yatra", “Asmitano Setubandh” (National Character through Ramayan), “Aharnish Anandyatra” (Vedant for Holistic bliss). His interpretational study of Gita is published in form of five books: Jivan Gita, Adhyatm Gita, Management Gita, Rashtra Gita and Vishva Gita.