Pinakin Dave
21 Books / Date of Birth:- 10-06-1935
Pinakin Dave was born on 10 June, 1935 at Rupal village (Gujarat). He matriculated in 1951. He completed B.A. in Sanskrit and Gujarati in 1957, M.A. with Sanskrit and Prakrit in 1959 and LL.B in 1960. In 1963, he received Ph.D. from University of Bombay, by writing thesis on Jain poet and philosopher “Siddhasen Divakar”. Pinakin Dave is a prolific novelist. His novels, “Vishwajeet” (1965) and “Adhipurush” are based on mythological narratives of Parshuram. “Adhar” (1969) is a story of nurse and “Vivart” (1968) is psychological novella of a patient suffering from “Leukoderma". “Urdhvabaahu” is set in a chawl of Mumbai while “Aniket” (1974) focuses on a protagonist dwelling in past even after he left his home. His critically acclaimed “Mohnisha” (1981) focuses on complexity of contemporary men. His other novels are “Anubandh” (1967), “Pralanb Path” (1979), “Aankh Vinanu Akash” (1981), “Saat Loknu Antar” (1982), “Aaa Teer Pele Teer” (1983), “Kamvan” (1984), “Mograni Kali” (1992), “Vishavriksh I-II” (1994). “Shri Ramayan Navalkatha Shreni” is four part novel series on Ramayana titled “Ayodhya”, “Vardan”, “Vanvas” and “Abhishek” respectively. His other works are “Chhaya”, “Treejo Sur”, “Agnishikha”, “Sanyog” and “Karmabandhan” (2009). His most recent work is “Parajit” (2019). Several of his novels have also been published in the newspapers and weeklies like Gujarat Samachar, Janmabhumi, Sandesh, Jansatta and Gujarat Mitra. His collections of short stories include “Trupti” (1969), “Dubta Avajo” (1977) and “Chhidra” (1995). “Purvapaksh” (1978) is his work of critical articles on Sanskrit literature. “Nandshankar” (1979) is a short biography of Nandshankar Mehta published as a part of series on Gujarati writers “Gujarati Granthkar Shreni.” His several novels are translated in Hindi and Tamil. The Government of Gujarat has appreciated and awarded several of Pinakin Dave’s works like “Vishwajeet”, “Anubandh”, “Trupti”, “Aniket”, “Mohnisha” and “Shri Ramayan Navalkatha Shreni”. Currently, he is working on another novel “Vibhajeet”, which is based on the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan.

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